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I believe this route follows the classic Newlands Horseshoe, from Robinson to Catbells, via Hindscarth, Dale Head, High Spy and Maiden Moor; car parked at Little Town. I chose this direction (starting at Robinson) preferring to begin at the higher end of the route. Taken in the other direction there's a bit of a hard slog up from Dalehead Tarn to the summit of Dale Head, and I was happy to meet it in descent, rather than ascent! Choosing to finish at Catbells also means a very gentle finish, being very easy going from Dalehead Tarn back to the car-park. Either way, I think you really can't go wrong with this route - it's a good one!

Newlands Horseshoe, 19km, and around 6 hours. (Wainwright Book 6: The North Western Fells)