My previous website revamp was an attempt to move away from Joomla, which was a massive overkill to serve a few pages of text to a couple of visitors per day. I experimented with a PHP/Markdown solution which steadily grew in complexity, and for a while I tried Bolt. (I love Bolt and TWIG, but for this personal project I wanted even more simplicity.)

This incarnation of mootParadox is a further step towards minimalism. The site folder under /var/www/html/... contains nothing but markdown and the structure of the site is inferred from the sub-folder names.

  • Parse and sanitise the url.
  • Does this request match an available markdown file?
  • Serve the page (or a 404)

A folder structure containing nothing but plain Markdown files, lightly processed by NodeRED, and served through an Apache proxy.

This is currently happening on the fly, although it could almost as easily just pre-compile HTML, along the lines of some variant on a minimalistic Jekyll…

The Manifesto

Rule 1.) The site content should be nothing but a folder structure, and it should contain nothing but markdown text files.

Rule 2.) Images, or GPX files, or stuff to download are going to have to be allowed… I suppose!

Currently “images” and “files” are two folders that reside outside of the markdown folder structure.

Rule 3.) Subsections of the site should be automatically inferred from the folder structure.

Rule 4.) The markdown files should be read, fed into a single template, and no funny business! ;-)

My only “cheat” so far is to parse the markdown for the first heading element and to feed that into the template as the <title>. The behaviour of the breadcrumbs is also pre-rendered and fed into the template.

Rule 5.) No stupid tracking cookies and social media shenanigans.