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mootParadox is my personal website, updated on rare occasions when the muse takes me! It's a miscellany of outdoors and techie ramblings.

moot adjective
subject to debate or argument, but having no definite answer

paradox noun
a situation or statement that seems impossible or self-contradictory, but which may be based on a valid deduction from an acceptable premise

What's on the site?

You'll find some hiking blog posts from my old site, with improved maps and better versions of the photographs. Follow these links to blog posts related to Outdoors, and some additional planned Wainwright-bagging routes. If you have an interest in UK trad climbing, I've started to update My Logbook on UK Climbing.

I avoid surveillance-powered social media platforms, but you can find me as @mootParadox@fosstodon on Mastodon.

There are also some Projects, most have a techie angle. And the Writing section is a repository of everything else.

Red Tarn with Swirral Edge to the left.

The previous versions of these hiking trip-reports featured low-quality JPG maps (or none at all) and the photographs were scaled down to 400px wide. The example above comes from Catstycam to Sheffield Pike.

Walking the Wainwrights

This has been a long-running project, and by long-running I'm talking 10+ years! The tables below list his seven classic volumes and the routes I've walked so far. These have been some great days out, and the Wainwright Bagging count stands at: 104 / 214.

The Wikipedia article List of Wainwrights is a useful resource.

Book 1.) The Eastern Fells 23 / 35
Catstycam to Sheffield Pike catstycam, helvellyn, lower man, whiteside, raise, stybarrow dodd, hartside, sheffield pike, glenridding dodd
Gowbarrow from Brunt Crag gowbarrow fell
Dovedale Round hartsop above how, hart crag, dove crag, little hart crag, high hartsop dodd
Grisedale Horseshoe Redux birkhouse moor, helvellyn, nethermost pike, dollywaggon pike, seat sandal, fairfield, st sunday crag, birks, arniston crag
Book 2.) The Far Eastern Fells 24 / 36
Angletarn Pikes via Place Fell place fell, beda fell, angletarn pikes, brock crags, rest dodd, the nab
Extended Mardale Horseshoe high street, mardale ill bell, harter fell, branstree, selside pike
High Raise from Martindale bonscale pike, arthur's pike, loadpot hill, wether hill, high raise, rampsgill head, kidsty pike, the knott, steel knotts, hallin fell
High Street via Stony Cove Pike high street, mardale ill bell, hartsopp dodd, caudale moor, thornthwaite crag
Book 3.) The Central Fells 1 / 27
Pavey Ark via Jack's Rake pavey ark
Book 4.) The Southern Fells 8 / 30
Crinkle Crags and Bowfell pike o' blisco, cold pike, crinkle crags, bowfell, rossett pike
Great End via Seathwaite Fell seathwaite fell, great end
Scafell Pike from Seathwaite scafell pike
Book 5.) The Northern Fells 24 / 24
Blencathra via Scales Fell souther fell, blencathra, bannerdale crags, bowscale fell
Carrock Fell to Knott carrock fell, high pike, great sca, fell knott
Dodd to Latrigg Loop dodd, carl side, skiddaw, lonscale fell, latrigg
Great Cockup to Binsey longlands fell brae fell meal fell great cockup binsey
Northern Fells Wildcamp blencathra, bowscale fell, carrock fell, knott, mungrisdale common, great calva, little calva
Skiddaw Via Longside Edge ullock pike, long side, carl side, skiddaw, bakestall
Book 6.) The North Western Fells 17 / 29
Catbells and the Newlands Horseshoe robinson, catbells, hindscarth, dale head, high spy, maiden moor
Causey Pike via Knott Rigg causey pike, knott rigg, ard crags, scar crags
The Coledale Round barrow, outerside, sail, crag hill, wandope, hopegill head, grisedale pike
Book 7.) The Western Fells 7 / 33
Great Gable via Base Brown base brown, green gable, great gable
Haystacks via Red Pike red pike, high stile, high crag, haystacks

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