The tragic demise of a garden flower, rendered in poetic terms. It was originally shared on Flickr and I happened to stumble across it today. (Flickr, not the daisy; which is no more.)

Ode to a Daisy

Oh daisy, I cannot help but have this thought,
If only I'd moved a little slower.
Your beautiful life was cut tragically short,
By my Flymo Hovermower.

If I'd not been in such a rush to mow,
I could have moved you to a pot.
I can't believe I could sink so low,
Your saviour I am not.

I took a photo - not the greatest ever,
To preserve you on my monitor glass,
Unlike your real self who lies forever,
Shredded in the grass.

Oh the grief, the angst, at these heartless deeds,
I can only express my sorrow.
But - like all the other weeds,
I suppose you'll be back tomorrow.

kyabram-daisy 31st May 2009

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